Chicago Style, 1929: When Women Chopped Their Hair And Grabbed A Fur

DOWNTOWN — Chicago in 1929 was the city of gangsters, jazz and drop waists — lots and lots of drop waists.

The city’s fashion for spring in that year is on display in a video from the Moving Image Research Collections at the University of South Carolina. The film is silent, but it shows women modeling cloche hats and head wraps with loose, flowing skirts and dresses or fur-lined jackets.

The video, featuring outtakes from a news story, was meant to show what was en vogue for women the spring and summer of ’29.

The decade was a major turning point for women’s fashion: hems rose, waists fell and outfits became less form-fitting as an extension of women gaining more independence. Makeup became more popular and women curled their hair and trimmed it into bobs.

The video’s not all serious, though: The models laugh, talk and smile while twirling around or standing together.



Author: dealmannz

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