Chronicles of Her blogger Carmen Hamilton’s fashion month secrets

Travelling to all four fashion weeks sounds like an absolute dream, and for Carmen Hamilton it was, but there were a few hairy moments between the Instagrams.

When you’re stuck outside the wrong airport in Milan with 100 kilograms of luggage and there’s a taxi strike, you’re not going to feel particularly glam.

“This is what people don’t see about fashion week,” the Chronicles of Her blogger says. She landed in Auckland in the small hours of Friday morning.

Hamilton and Lainy Black, who works on her site, made it to their apartment at 3am that night after an hour-long bus ride and lugging two suitcases each through the Milan metro.

It was worth it, though: Gucci’s Milan show gave her goosebumps.

“There was just something about it – the ambience in the room, it was just one of those pinch yourself moments,” Hamilton says. Sitting behind A$AP Rocky and Florence Welch definitely helped.

Chanel in Paris was another highlight.

“It was crazy. There was a rocket that legitimately took off. That show is always the pinnacle,” Hamilton says. “It’s one of the hardest ones to get invited to, so that was a bit of a career milestone for me.”

More than a lot of bloggers, Hamilton has always kept an eye on her audience. With a degree in marketing and journalism and several years at Vogue Australia’s website under her belt, she offers her readers tips they can actually use as well as beautiful imagery.

“When I first started blogging, people would be posting beautiful outfit photos and the title would be something like ‘Wanderlust,'” she says.

“Now people are more aware that readers are coming to you to see how to wear something, or to see how to build this functional but exciting wardrobe.”

Hamilton’s site has a genuine street style section as well, called Street 365. Rather than the same old fashion insiders, Hamilton features artists, students, bakers and filmmakers she sees around.

“You see the same faces all the time. Now it’s the same people, they live these crazy lives, they’re not wearing things they own. For people who aren’t in the fashion industry, you can’t shop it,” she says.

Instead, Hamilton wants to offer the same sort of posts that got her excited when she first started blogging.

“We’ve shot nail artists and illustrators – all types of people. It’s more about, what do you wear when you roll out of bed in the morning? Has your style always been like that, has it changed?”

Breaking up the fashion echo chamber gives Chronicles of Her a point of difference, and Hamilton sees a similar twist when it comes to New Zealand labels.

She rates Wynn Hamlyn, Paris Georgia Basics, Eugenie, Georgia Alice and Kate Sylvester. Her favourite hoop earrings are from Meadowlark.

Hamilton is in Auckland for a Fashion in the City event at Coach on Queen Street on Friday. She’ll be in store from 4-7pm offering styling tips.




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